Welcome to the Xcel Energy School Education program.

The goal of the program is to engage the whole family to Think! about energy, Talk! about energy, and most importantly, Take Action! to reduce energy and water use while saving money. Let’s get started!

Follow these simple steps for distance learning:

  1. Parents read the Parent/Guardian Letter.
  2. Students watch this short Presentation.
  3. Students review the Family Guide in English or in Spanish and have fun installing the kit items (ask an adult for help installing kit items).
  4. Enjoy the Game Page of this website for e-learning activities!
  5. Parents and students submit the worksheet by clicking the Home Energy Worksheet Page of this website after installing the kit items.

Explore Your Kit

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Home Energy Worksheet

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You will earn a scented highlighter for completing your

Home Energy Worksheet on paper or online!


Tips for Successful Installation

If you cannot use an item from the kit, please give the device to a neighbor, friend or relative who lives nearby. The HEW should reflect use of all items in the kit, even if used in someone else’s home.

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