Elementary school program

Tools for Success

On this page you will find an easy implementation process for completing the course as well as support information on earning a grant and curriculum correlations.

Completing the Course

Please follow this quick, six-step process:

Send the family letter that arrived in your teacher materials tote home with students. Collect any opt out forms that may be returned, and alert your scheduler if you need to change your kit count.

Reply to the "program scheduling" email to verify the program date and the number of kits to send you.

Attend your live presentation, or show the recorded presentation linked in your program emails if you are participating virtually.

Give kits to students.

Confirm the number of kits sent home with your program contact for a $50 Amazon eGift Card.

Assign the Home Energy Worksheet (HEW) to earn an additional grant of up to $100 from DTE Energy when students submit the HEW.

Support Information

If you are a new participant in the program, (unbold) please watch our recorded webinar please watch our recorded webinar, Think! Energy Tips and Tricks, and receive a $25 Amazon eGift Card.

Grant Information

Teachers may be eligible to receive a grant when they participate in the program and return completed Home Energy Worksheet data.

Each teacher who distributes kits and reconciles the number with their program contact will receive a $50 grant. Additional funds are earned when students return the Home Energy Worksheet.

Grant amounts are determined by dividing the number of Home Energy Worksheets (paper or online equivalent) received at NEF by the number of kits on the kit reconciliation form. The resulting percentage will determine the amount of your grant.

  • Full grant amount : 80% or more
  • Partial grant amount : 50 to 79%

Please contact your program coordinator with additional questions.

  • The initial grant is sent as soon as the number of kits distributed to students is recorded via the Kit Reconciliation Form.
  • Supplemental grants are processed after a teacher reaches 80 percent of submitted Home Energy Worksheets or after the program deadline.
  • You will receive an email with a link to your teacher portal to monitor worksheets submitted, the grant you have earned to date and the status of your grant payment.

Grant funds can be used for any purpose by the participating teacher.


You may choose to receive an eGift Card for Amazon (the default option), an eGift Card for Office Depot/Office Max or payment by check.

  • A valid email address is required to receive an eGift card.
  • Checks are typically made out to the school to ensure that funds will benefit students. If you need a check made out to the PTO or another organization, you may designate that on your registration form. Send an email to your program contact or program director Lauren Johnson ([email protected]) to make arrangements.

Curriculum Correlations to National Standards – NGSS and Common Core

Presentation and Optional Enrichment Activity Correlation