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We offer free in-class and virtual programs on energy literacy and energy efficiency that include activities, student discussion and an interactive review game. Students receive a kit with energy-efficient products for their families. A Home Energy Worksheet accompanies the Kit.

Think! Energy Innovation allows students to explore what it means to be energy efficient while learning about the complexities and implications of the energy grid system. Two versions of the program are available: one with an emphasis on social studies and one with an emphasis on science. Complete with discussions on supply/demand energy usage, heat transfer activities (including the use of a thermal imaging camera), and cost saving calculations, this program covers a variety of topics that are sure to support your curriculum. 

Innovation takes a single class period of about 35 minutes. Our team can spend a full day at your school to see ALL of the classes from a particular department or class level, or we can do one big assembly. We offer virtual options for the program as well. Teachers and students will receive efficiency kits AND teachers will earn grants for distributing kits and for collecting energy surveys.

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