COVID 19 Program Options

NEF Presenters

Teacher Directed

Home Option

Prior to the Presentation

  1. Confirm your student numbers with NEF’s scheduler.
  2. Set a date and time for your presentation.
  3. Once you have received your materials, please verify that you have received the correct number of family booklets, parent letters, Home Energy Worksheets and nightlights. Please contact NEF if you are missing items.
  4. Pull out the LINGO cards to distribute the day of the presentation

Day of  the Presentation

  1. Inform your front desk that presenters will be coming and where the presentation will be held.
  2. Give each student a LINGO card and have them bring something to write with.
  3. We ask that teachers stay to watch the presentation.

After the Presentation

  1. Distribute to each student a family booklet, parent letter and Home Energy Worksheet (HEW) to take home.
  2. Give your students a deadline to complete the worksheet. Using this as an assignment helps to get students to follow through,
  3. Reward students with a Wattsmart nightlight when they complete the worksheet.
  4. Have students sign the Thank You Card.
  5. Return HEW’s and Thank You Card in the postage paid envelope (found in your teacher folder).
  1. At your convenience, show students the prerecorded interactive presentation from the website  
  2. You may pause the presentation at any time for more in-depth discussion with your students
  3. After the presentation, distribute a family booklet, Home Energy Worksheet and Parent Letter to each student to take home.
  4. To ensure you get credit toward the Amazon eGift Card or Visa® gift card, have students write your teacher ID on the top of their Home Energy Worksheet before it goes home.
  5. Have students complete the worksheets either online at or return papers to you.
  6. Students can also use our online lookup tool on the website to find your ID.
  7. Reward your students with a nightlight when they return their worksheet or complete it online.
  8. Return any papers in the postage paid envelope from your folder along with the signed Thank You Card.
  1. Send home a student booklet, Home Energy Worksheet, Parent Letter and a nightlight with each student.
  2. Have students watch the prerecorded interactive presentation from the website
  3. Provide your students with your teacher ID or they can use our online lookup tool to find it on the same website.
  4. Have students complete the worksheets online at
  5. To ensure you qualify for the $50 mini-grant, you can track your students’ worksheets by going to