Resources for remote learning

To support you when we cannot physically visit you in the classroom, we have provided online learning strategies for use with Think! Energy Bright Kids Kits.

The recorded version of our presentation slides are designed for teacher use with the option to pause the recording and discuss as needed.

Share the presentation with your students near the time they get their take-home kits and booklets. Also, provide students with your teacher ID number for use in doing the Home Energy Worksheet. You can find this ID number in your program emails and teacher folder. You and your students can also use the ID lookup feature on the Home Energy Worksheets page of this website.

The password is found in your program emails and printed on the Implementation Guide in your teacher folder.

Sample driving questions -

  • How do we generate electricity in Pennsylvania?
  • How are energy and water use connected?
  • What are some simple ways to use less water?
  • What are some simple ways to use less energy?
  • How does energy use impact the environment?
  • How does the way I use water and energy impact the environment?
  • How can I lessen my personal impact on the environment through changes in my energy and water use?