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Community in Action


THINK! ENERGY Community in Action is a school based educational opportunity for people in your community to learn about energy efficiency. This is also a fundraising opportunity for your school. Schools that host a Community in Action forum will earn an educational grant of $250, with additional funds available if participants take the next step toward energy efficiency with a free Home Energy Analysis from Consumers Energy.*


During the hour-long forum, participants will learn about:

  • Simple fixes in the home to reduce energy use.
  • Energy-efficient technologies to save energy and money.


In addition, each household represented at the event will receive a packet of information to take home and coupons for a free in-depth Home Energy Analysis by Consumers Energy. Each coupon redeemed could earn your school $25.


To host a Community in Action program or get more information, call National Energy Foundation at (888) 927-9529.


* Funds are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Minimum grant to participating schools is $250, maximum is $2000.