Who are we?Xcel-box-3

The Xcel Energy School Education program helps students at participating schools learn about energy efficiency and how they can make an impact at their school and home.

What do we do?

 The Xcel Energy School Education program provides classroom instruction, posters and activities aligned to national and state learning standards and Take Action Kits filled with energy saving devices. These items are designed to open students’ and parents’ eyes to the energy-saving potential of simple, easy-to-implement conservation practices. It’s a fun and informative program that encourages students and their families to better manage their energy use and make good decisions about the products they buy every day.

All the materials are curriculum-based and carry lifelong lessons that students will use as they become energy consumers.

When and where is the program offered?

The Xcel Energy School Education program is offered in Colorado, Minnesota and New Mexico this fall. In Colorado and Minnesota, the program is available for sixth and fifth grade classes. In New Mexico, the program is open to fifth grade classes.

How can schools participate in the program?

Teachers and administrators can register their school for the program by clicking the link below and answering a few simple questions. After school eligibility is determined, an Education Service Representative will contact each teacher to verify information and set up the deliveries of Teacher Material Folders and Take Action Kits.

Receive a $25 gift card with your teacher materials shipment.
Additional $25 gift card available for return of at least 80% of surveys, plus you and your students can win additional prizes with the Xcel Energy Bulb Quest.

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To learn more about the Take Action Kit and how to use the items in it, click your state:



New Mexico

For more information, please fill out the contact form below or call 1-800-616-8326 x 151.